choose a peaceful birth
Prepare for a Peaceful Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Experience!

Do you want to feel relaxed, confident and joyful about the birth of your baby? You absolutely can with Hypnobabies---a complete prenatal education course which teaches real medical self-hypnosis for relaxation and comfort during your pregnancy, birthing time, and as you adjust to life with your precious baby. To see just how peaceful a Hypnobabies birth can be, click on the images below to link to videos of Hypnobabies births:


This amazing six-week course is taught at my home in Provo, UT.  To learn more, click on the links above or contact me at or via phone at 801-602-8108. Click here to apply to be in a class!
COMING SOON: Enjoying your Breastfeeding Experience breastfeeding class!  This one-time, 2-hour course is open to the general public as well as to Hypnobabies students.  Check out the Class Schedule page for more information.

---Jamie Wagner, HCHI, CLEC