​​​I have been teaching Hypnbabies Childbirth Hypnosis classes since 2011, and I have now helped over 60 couples feel comfortable, peaceful and confident as they've learned and practiced self-hypnosis cues and techniques from Hypnobabies class.  I absolutely love teaching Hypnobabies and I especially love the connection I feel with my amazing students as we share this birth preparation journey each week in class.  It's all been a really amazing, amazing experience.

You might imagine a swinging pocket watch or someone clucking like a chicken when anyone says the word "hypnosis," but hypnosis is a natural state of mind and being that we all experience every day of our lives.  Some common times when we experience a natural hypnotic state is when we are daydreaming, or when we are on "autopilot" driving somewhere and we can't remember how we got to our destination, or when we're watching a movie or in front of a computer screen and time just flies by.

In Hypnobabies, we harness your mind's ability to create physical responses for your body and train your mind and body to expect a comfortable pregnancy and childbirth through affirmations, hypnosis scripts, and physical and verbal hypnotic cues.  In-class and at-home practices will help you to feel completely prepared and excited for your baby's birth.  It's awesome!

Our 6-week course also includes discussion on a variety of topics that will help you to make educated and informed decisions regarding your pregnancy and birth, so that you receive all the prenatal education you need in one place.  You can read each class description below.

Class Fee and Schedule

I am not currently teaching Hypnobabies classes in Utah.  Please visit these amazing instructors' websites for information on their current class offerings: 

Bonnie Baker (Salt Lake and Kaysville): www.bellissimobirth.com

Candace Roper (Sandy): www.centeredbirthing.com

Erinn Funk (Taylorsville and Orem): www.makinglittlemiracles.com

​Paige Clark (Provo): www.hypnobabieswithpaige.com

Mellinda Hudnall (Orem): www.thebirthsisters.com

​​Hypnobabies Class Series Outline

​Class 1: Introduction to Hypnobabies:
Introduction to Hypnobabies’ Philosophies and Positive Mindset; Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology; Belief Systems; The Power of Words and How They Affect Us; How Your Mind Works – The Conscious and Subconscious; The Mind/Body Connection; What Hypnosis is and is NOT; Demonstrations of Hypnosis; How Fear Affects Comfort and Length of Labor; Fear Clearing for Childbirth; Mindfulness for Peaceful Birthing – Part 1; “Becoming a Parent/Dad” – Part 1; The Importance of Daily Pregnancy Affirmations; The Gifts Your Body Gives You – Your Beautiful Uterus and How it Works; Creating Your “Mental Lightswitch”; Partner Communication Exercise and the “Contract of Trust”.
Hypnosis Script: “Learning Self-Hypnosis”. (Entering hypnosis on your own and controlling all sensations in your body.)
Class 2: Staying Healthy and Safe:
Importance of Staying Healthy and Safe in Pregnancy; Nutritional Guidelines; The High Protein Advantage; Eggs, Salt and Calcium in Pregnancy; Hydration for Two; Avoidance of Harmful Substances; Safe and Comfortable Prenatal Sleeping and Resting Positions; Natural Comfort Measures for Pregnancy; Mindfulness for Peaceful Birthing – Part 2; “Becoming a Parent/Dad” – Part 2; Introduction of the Stages of Labor including the “Baby-Kindness” Stage; New Baby Sensitivity Through Bonding; Using Hypnosis for Pregnancy Discomforts and Health; Prenatal Exercises for an Easier Birth; Birth Partner Assistance.
Hypnosis Script: “Creating Anesthesia”. (Modifying your hypnosis to include Hypno-anesthesia and “Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis”.)
Class 3: Your Options in Birthing:
Birth Partner’s “Relax and Feel Confident” audio track; Mindfulness for Peaceful Birthing – Part 3; “Becoming a Parent/Dad” – Part 3; The Importance of Making Excellent Birthing Decisions; the “Big Secrets”; Detailed Childbirth Choices – Risks, Benefits and Alternatives for Common Procedures; Getting Informed Consent, Hospital Forms and Your Rights; Questions for Caregivers – Consumer Issues and Positive Communication; Creating the Birth Plan of your Dreams; “Big” Babies; Packing Your Birth Bag; Touring Your Place of Birth; Benefits of a Professional Labor Assistant; “Hypno-Doulas”; Introduction of the Abdominal Lift and Tuck Birthing Techniques; Preparation for Comfortable Pushing.
Hypnosis Script: “Hypnotic Childbirth # 1 – Birth Hypnosis Tools”. (Learning cues for deepening hypnosis and Hypno-anesthesia instantly.)
Class 4: The Onset of Labor:
Mindfulness for Peaceful Birthing – Part 4; “Becoming a Parent/Dad” – Part 4; Your “Guess Date” and Normal Length of Pregnancy; Preparing for your Birthing Day; Signs of Birthing Beginning; Amniotic Membranes Breaking – Your Safe Choices; True vs. “False” Labor; How to Time Your Birthing Waves (contractions); Your Birth Log; When to go to the Birth Place; Automatic Comfort and Relaxation on “The Drive” and Arrival at Your Place of Birth (if out of your home); Hypno-Guardians; Nurses – the Unsung Heroes; Using Hypnosis for Comfort During Internal Exams; Dilation, Effacement, Position and Station of Baby; The Beautiful Progress of Labor, Including Fast , Average and Slow or Stalled Labor; Artificial Induction and Natural Induction Techniques; Creating a Safe and Serene Birthing Environment; Nausea Elimination; Optimum Fetal Positioning.
Hypnosis Script: “Hypnotic Childbirth # 2 – Deepening Your Hypno-Anesthesia.” (Birth Partner Cues for instantly deepening hypnosis and moving anesthesia around to different areas of your body.)
Class 5: Birth Partners, Transformation and Birth:
Birth Partners Training: Your Role During Pregnancy and Birthing Reviewed; How a Labor Assistant Can Help the Hypno-Partner; 4 Pages of Verbal Birthing Cues; Physical Comfort Techniques; the Change of Plans Hypnosis Script.
Late First Stage Labor – Transition…or “Transformation”; Hypnosis Deepening techniques; Trusting in Your Body, Your Mind and your Baby; Protecting the Hypno-Mom!; Effective Positions for Birthing; Benefits and Use of the Birth Ball; Exhale Pushing and Avoiding the “Ring of Fire” with Hypnosis; Safe Birthing of the Placenta; Cord Traction, Pitocin, Post-Partum Choices. Review: Membranes Releasing, Hypnobabies Tools, Using Your Mental Lightswitch, Fear Clearing for Childbirth; Avoiding a Cesarean Section; Mindfulness for Peaceful Birthing – Part 5; “Becoming Dad” – Part 5.
Hypnosis techniques practice: Using Hypnobabies in the Moment! Full practice of our Hypnobabies Lightswitch techniques, Peace cue, Release cue, Birth Partner’s cues, and Moving Hypno-Anesthesia around Your Body.
Class # 6: Birthing Your Baby and Beyond:
In-depth Birthing Rehearsal using all Hypnobabies Techniques, Birth Balls, Walking, Positional Changes and Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis where our Hypno-Moms and Birth Partners practice their Hypnobabies cues and techniques together, in hypnosis, culminating with “giving birth” using Hypno-Anesthesia.
New Mother and Baby Care: “Becoming a Parent/Dad” – Part 6; Support for the New Family during the First 2 Weeks Postpartum; Care for the New Mother; Baby Kindness; Normal Newborn Appearance; Creating a Newborn Baby Care Plan/Choices for Baby’s Care including Hospital and Homebirth Newborn Procedures, Bathing … or Not?; Vaccinations, Circumcision and Rooming In; Breastfeeding, an Overview; Breastfeeding and Jaundice, Latching, Non-Schedules, Laid-Back Breastfeeding; BF Resources, Attachment Parenting Information, and much more!

Testimonials From Former Students

Ina May says that how you give birth will affect you the rest of your life. She’s right. I feel powerful and love my body.  I plan to have all my other kids this way!  Hypnobabies is awesome...you need to prepare for going natural and I felt it prepared me mentally. 
My advice: Do your research. Find out what procedures you are comfortable with. Be in control of your birth. Prepare yourself mentally.  I totally recommend Hypnobabies.  Have the best birth possible...you deserve it!​

--Kristina, hypno-mom

We took Hypnobabies and learned how turn our fear into knowledge. We patiently awaited our birthing day. We planned, watched beautiful videos, surrounded ourselves with positive birth images and affirmations and slowly changed our whole perception on what birth would be for our family!  There is no greater bonding experience for a family than birth. There is nothing more empowering as a mother than knowing you are educated and prepared to bring your baby into the world safely and beautifully.  All I can say is YAY FOR HYPNOBABIES!!!

--Terra, hypno-mom

I am so glad that I found Hypnobabies. I loved the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations. I feel that they helped me to be more confident during pregnancy and during my birth. The Hypnobabies program is fantastic! I love telling people that I loved my birthing time, and I really did. I was actually sad when it was all over. I highly recommend taking the Hypnobabies course. The live class is so great because you can ask questions and get to know other couples who are making similar choices for birth, much like a support group.

--Karen, hypno-mom

I am really grateful that we took Hypnobabies. I was probably not the perfect example of remaining perfectly calm the entire birthing time but I know that it helped me a ton to have a good birthing experience. Going through all that birthing time before [our needed c-section] was still very empowering and I know that we will continue to use Hypnobabies for our future births.

--Kamilla, hypno-mom

I am so happy I found Hypnobabies and had Jamie as my instructor. That class made the whole birth easier and put my mind at ease and also helped my husband understand the choices I wanted to make.  It was so gratifying that I was able to have the birth I have imagined for so long and for the amazing empowering feeling of “I did this! I brought my baby into the world. All my hard work of researching and practicing Hypnobabies has paid off”. Above all else I am so grateful for my healthy baby boy and his safe arrival into the world.
--Lauren, hypno-mom

​Although I received an epidural, I consider my birthing experience a success. And Hypnobabies is to thank for it. Because of Hypnobabies, my husband was completely educated and was able to be a confident, helpful and necessary birth partner. Hypnobabies was also key in me being able to complete the first two stages of birthing. I know I would not have been able to remain unmedicated during the dilation process if it was not for Hypnobabies. Throughout the entire process I was being read scripts and using my Peace Cue.
The second phase was also dependent on my Hypnobabies training. With M'Kaius being so stuck I was facing the possibility of a forceps delivery or c-section. Because of Hypnobabies, I had been made extensively aware of every one of my birthing muscles and my ability to control them. I told the doctor I would be able to push him out and I did. My birth experience was beautiful and spiritual. It took a turn that I didn't expect, but because of Hypnobabies I was able to handle anything and everything that came in my way.

Jamie was not only a smart and thorough teacher; she also brought a caring and spiritual element to her classes that were so appropriate for birth preparation. After I finished taking her class, I continued to have questions and complications up until my birthing time. She answered every question with great detail and in a very timely manner. She also took the time to make me feel like my birth experience was just as important to her as hers. She even offered to come help me through my birthing time when problems arose. All in all, you won't find a better teacher than Jamie.

--Jessica, hypno-mom

​Hypnobabies provided me with power, knowledge, and confidence. I loved and needed to hear that the birth of my baby was in my hands—and not only that, but that I was capable of birthing my baby safely and without worry! The positive mindset cultivated by taking this Hypnobabies course is worth more than its weight in gold, and it’s something that has benefited me throughout my entire pregnancy in ways I never imagined. The techniques learned can be used for things from a blood sample being taken in a prenatal appointment (I hate needles, but the ‘peace’ and ‘relax’ cues helped so much!) to relaxing through pressure waves in your birthing time. Every time I have been seized by fear or uncertainty, practicing Hypnobabies has helped me relax and stay calm so I can concentrate on providing my baby with a healthy birthing environment. Hypnobabies showed me that it really is possible to experience the joy of natural childbirth without the unnecessary fear or pain that most people associate with it. For a better, more beautiful birth experience, choose Hypnobabies.  You certainly won’t regret it!

​--BreeAnn, hypno-mom

Hypnobabies is a great class. The more knowledge, practice and preparation you have the better your birthing experience will be. You can take great comfort in knowing that as you learn and practice and believe the things taught in these classes, it will help you to have a more positive birthing experience, and who wouldn't want that?!

​--Hannah, hypno-mom

When we started the class I didn’t know how much there was to giving birth. By taking this class with my wife I learned a great deal about how the body prepares for giving birth, how much of birth is instinctual, and also how to say no to doctors when in the Hospital.  Initially I was very skeptical about hypnosis actually working to help my wife be calm and relaxed while giving birth.  However, after two or three weeks of doing the scripts together and practicing the peace cues, I could sense the changes in my wife and noticed how much she did relax when a cue was used.  In addition to the help from peace cues I began to feel so much more confident in my wife’s body and mind, and I now feel like our birth is going to be a great experience. I can honestly say that I am not afraid for my wife when she enters her birthing time.
---Tyler, Hypno-dad

Hypnobabies makes the role of birth partner something understandable, interactive, and fulfilling.  Leading up to the birth, the classes and conversation with other birth partners help prepare you for what is coming.  I've been a birth partner four times now, but this most recent birth was our only Hypnobabies experience.  Having an active role in birth is important for a husband who would otherwise be confused and perhaps even a little scared. 
--B.J., Hypno-dad

During the first part of my pregnancy with my daughter I was grumpy and anxious. And with each passing week I was getting more nervous about the end results. In talking to my doctor, he recommended looking into hypnosis.
My husband and I were terribly skeptical. So much so that our first class was more of a trial run. Jamie was nice enough to meet with us and go over a few things before we committed to the class. We just thought it all sounded a bit on the crazy side. But after that first class I was hooked. I think what amazed me the most was how my attitude changed about my entire pregnancy. I had spent most of my pregnancy avoiding everyone because I was grumpy. My body was tired and sore. Being pregnant was hard. But as soon as I started hypnosis my outlook and attitude changed. I truly felt that I bonded with my baby in ways I never did my first. It was a fascinating shift. Everyone noticed that I was a different person.

I think my favorite part was how doing hypnosis made me more positive about everything, including my own body. It’s hard to watch your belly grow, and grow, and grow. But I truly felt beautiful. It was a very special experience.
I was already in a relaxed state when it came time to make the tough decisions. That was thanks to my hypnosis. I really think I would have been a basket case without it. So in looking back I’d say that my hypnosis was nothing but incredibly helpful  during the birth of my daughter. And really, in no way was I a failure. Thanks to my hypnosis her birth was one of the happiest experiences I’ve ever had, despite the change of plans. The most amazing thing was that when she arrived we already had a special bond. I attribute that to hypnosis.
There was part of the class that talked about accepting changes to your plan. What I can honestly say is that the hypnosis made all the difference in accepting those changes and moving forward.
When my next baby comes I’ll be using hypnosis. Because no matter how the birth turns out, I know that hypnosis helps and makes for a wonderful experience.

Jamie is a wonderful instructor. I tell all my friends they should take a class from her. Since we had already had a child she catered the class to what we needed. She got to know us and the needs that we had. As a result she really made the class individualized and special. I appreciated her personal attention to us so much. She made us comfortable (a big deal since my husband was very, very skeptical). Jamie is encouraging and helpful. I always felt like she knew her subject extremely well. She was able to share her enthusiasm for Hypnobabies with us in a way that was infectious and wonderful. Learning with her was a wonderful experience.

--Melanee, hypno-mom

I enjoyed every class.  Jamie is such a peach, and so passionate about what she is teaching.  Her love for family and birth and babies comes through in such a beautiful, authentic way.
--Clair, Hypno-mom

There is a lot out there about pregnancy and childbirth! Wading through all of the information that is offered is a job in and of itself. When I found Hypnobabies and started taking this class from Jamie it was like a breath of fresh air—all the information I needed or wanted in one place from a source I could trust. This course has everything—nutrition and exercise, what to expect, how your body works to birth your baby, breastfeeding resources and guidance, alternatives to medical intervention, and most important of all, the tools and techniques you need to give birth comfortably and with confidence. And if you still have questions that aren’t answered by the course, Jamie probably knows where you can find out! Since this was my first pregnancy I felt like I knew next to nothing and was floating in a sea of doubt that I would ever figure it all out in time, but taking the Hypnobabies course was worth every penny for the confidence it gave me and my husband to make it through this incredible time together and look forward to the birth of our baby.
--BreeAnn, Hypno-mom

I am so incredibly grateful that I attended Jamie's Hypnobabies class. I can go on and on about how I loved the class but I will share a few highlights. Jamie's classes are small and intimate.  She only lets in a handful of couples so she can give undivided attention to those who attend. I felt very taken care of when I was in the class. 
My birth went fantastic! I look back to my labor and delivery with joy. I am grateful for the tools we were taught during the class.  
Yes, this class does take time, but it is totally worth it. I loved that the class also involved my husband! The class also helps educate the husband so come birthing day, he's ready too! You learn about birthing positions, how to write a birth plan, nutrition, breastfeeding, and hypnosis techniques and you both come away feeling well-educated and on the same page.
Also, just a couple things about Jamie. You will love how calm, sweet and down to earth this lady is. She has really done her research on birth. She lives what she teaches. She's also had several successful Hypnobabies births!
I can honestly say, that whenever child #2 comes around, we will definitely choose Hypnobabies again! Thank you Jamie!
--Danielle, Hypno-mom

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